Privacy policy

The Easy trippers Corp & AUTOS 4 SHARE portal family of companies (collectively referred to as "AUTOS 4 SHARE," "we," or "us") places a high value on privacy and strives to keep you informed about the collection, utilization, handling, and sharing of your personal data. This Privacy Policy outlines our privacy practices as they pertain to our websites and apps that link to this Privacy Policy (referred to collectively as "Services"), as well as in-person interactions.

We gather three types of personal information - information you voluntarily provide us; information obtained through your use of the Services; and information from third-party sources.

- Information Provided by You 

Account Information. During the account registration process, we require certain personal information from you, such as your name, email address, and password. 

Profile Information. For certain features of the Services, we may request additional profile information, including street addresses, phone numbers, driver's license photo, issuance date and country/state, profile photos, biography and date of birth. Some parts of your profile, like profile photos, city, and biography, will be publicly visible on your public profile page. 

Vehicle Information. Information related to a vehicle, such as vehicle listing details, VIN, PTI document, availability dates, and reviews, is also collected. 

Payment Information. We gather payment details such as digital payment information, bank account or payment card numbers, and transaction information related to potential or actual transactions. These may be processed and stored by one or more third-party payment service providers or digital payments companies.

Identity Verification Information. In some cases, we may request identity verification information like a photo or scanned copy of a driver's license, passport, national ID card, social media account information, insurance information, or other forms of identification. When asked to withhold certain information, please do so. 

Communications. When communicating with us through methods like phone, email, chat, or via the Services with other users, we collect information about the communication and any information you opt to provide.

- Automatic Personal Information Collection:

Usage data: We gather information about your interaction with the Services, such as pages or content viewed, searches, bookings made, time spent on a page, linked or browsed sites, navigation paths, activity on a page, access time, duration, and other actions taken on the Services.

Location data: If you opt to use specific features, we may collect your approximate location based on the IP address's city or town. If you allow location sharing, we may obtain the exact location of your mobile device.

Device data: We gather information about your computer or mobile device, like operating system and version, manufacturer, model, browser type, screen resolution, IP address, unique device IDs, and general location information such as city, state, or area.

Trip data: We keep track of transactional information associated with the trips you book through the Services, including the date, time, amounts charged, and other trip-related details.

In-vehicle device data: If a vehicle is enrolled in an AUTOS 4 SHARE program or has the AUTOS 4 SHARE device installed, we may collect certain vehicle information remotely. This information may include GPS location, car battery voltage, fuel level, odometer reading, malfunction indicator, door state, engine state, and VIN, based on the vehicle's make, model, and year.

Cookies and similar technology: When you access the Services, we (and companies we work with) may place small data files on your computer or device. These files may be cookies, clear gifs, pixel tags, e-tags, "Flash cookies," or other local storage provided by the browser or applications. Our policy on Cookies, Web Beacons, and Similar Technologies provides more details on these technologies. Currently, we do not respond to browser "Do-Not-Track" signals.

- Personal information we gather from external sources:

Third-party services: If you log into our Services through a third-party platform (e.g. Apple, Facebook, or Google), the third-party platform may send us your profile information from that platform. This information is controlled by the relevant platform and varies by platform. By linking your AUTOS 4 SHARE account with a third-party account and granting AUTOS 4 SHARE access to the information, you allow AUTOS 4 SHARE to collect, store, and use the information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. However, we are not responsible for how third-parties use and share your information. To understand how they handle your personal information, you should refer to the privacy policies of those third-parties.

Third-party in-vehicle devices: If you book a car through the Services, the host or a third-party service that operates the in-vehicle device or system installed in the car may record information about how you use the car. This information may include the car's condition, performance, operation, fuel consumption, location, distance traveled, and more. The host and/or third-party service is responsible for their use of the information, but they may disclose it to AUTOS 4 SHARE, which we will use in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Background check services: To the extent permitted by law, AUTOS 4 SHARE may collect background information about you from public records, background check providers, and other screening services, such as credit reports, criminal convictions, or sex offender registries. We may use your information, such as your full name and birth-date, to obtain these reports.

Other sources: To the extent permitted by law, we may receive additional information about you from sources such as demographic data, fraud detection information, or credit bureaus.

We may combine the information we receive from these third-party sources with other information we have about you.

We use, store, and process your personal information to provide and improve our Services and for security and safety reasons. 

We may use your information for the following purposes:

  1. To offer and run the Services
  2. To provide customer support
  3. To send you service-related, support, and administrative messages, reminders, technical notices, updates, security alerts, and information that you have requested, either by phone call, text message, or email
  4. To allow you to log into the Services via third-party identity and access management providers, such as Facebook, Google, or Apple
  5. To process transactions and send transaction-related notices
  6. To personalize or customize your user experience
  7. To allow communication with other AUTOS 4 SHARE users, including sending messages or information during the booking process
  8. To facilitate referral invitations
  9. To send requests for reviews, for fraud detection and prevention, and for any purpose that you authorize at the time of collection
  10. To administer referral programs, rewards, surveys, contests, or other promotional activities or sponsored events in which you participate.

For research purposes:

To analyze and improve the Services and develop new products and services, we may use your personal information to study user demographics. We may also create anonymous data from your personal information by removing personally identifiable information. This anonymous data can be used and shared with third parties for lawful business purposes, including improving the Services and promoting our business.

For marketing and advertising purposes

we and our third-party advertising partners may collect and use your personal information. We may send you AUTOS 4 SHARE-related marketing communications as allowed by law, and you can opt-out of these communications as described in the "Choosing to stop receiving marketing messages" section.

Direct marketing. We may send AUTOS 4 SHARE related marketing communications, as per the law. You have the option to opt-out of such marketing and promotional communications, which is mentioned in the "Choosing to stop receiving marketing messages" section. 

Interest-based advertising. Third party advertising and social media companies may display ads on the Services and other sites in contract with us. These companies may collect information about you via cookies, device data, online activity data, and/or geolocation data over time across the Services and other sites and services or your interactions with our emails. This information is used to show you ads that they believe will interest you, referred to as "interest-based advertisements". Information on limiting such interest-based advertising is available in the "Interest-based advertising choices" section.

We use your personal information for security and safety purposes, which may include:

  1. Verifying your identity or confirming the information you provide, such as during the account creation and password reset processes
  2. Resolving disputes, collecting fees, and fixing issues
  3. Detecting, preventing, and mitigating fraud, abuse, security incidents, or any other harmful, prohibited, or illegal activities
  4. Evaluating the likelihood of you having an accident or making an insurance claim, for instance, by checking your auto insurance score
  5. Monitoring your driving behavior (e.g., speeding or harsh braking/acceleration) from your mobile or in-vehicle device and raising awareness about any unsafe practices
  6. Preventing and rectifying violations of our Terms of Service and Policies
  7. Protecting and managing our IT infrastructure
  8. Investigating and assessing risks
  9. Checking databases and information sources, including but not limited to public government databases
  10. Evaluating creditworthiness and solvency.

For compliance with legal requirements: We may utilize your personal information as deemed necessary or appropriate to comply with relevant laws, lawful requests, and legal procedures, such as responding to government-issued subpoenas or requests.

With permission: On certain occasions, we may request your permission before processing your personal information. Additionally, we may use your personal information as explained elsewhere in this Privacy Policy or as communicated to you at the moment of collection.

With Your Consent: 

We may share your information if you give us permission or consent to do so.

Public Information: Your public listing on the Services will always show some basic details like your user ID or name linked to your account, your public profile picture, location of your car for owners, description of your listing, your calendar availability, transaction information to evaluate your reliability and responsiveness, and feedback or reviews about you. Your public listing page can also show aggregated demand information (such as number of page views over a period of time) and information about your cancellations. The Services may also display the approximate pickup location of your vehicle. The Services may allow your public profile and public listing to be indexed by search engines, in which case they can appear as search results.

Sharing between Car Owners and Customers

 AUTOS 4 SHARE allows car owners to offer and rent their vehicles to other individuals. If you accept a booking through the Services, we may share your information with the other party involved in the transaction as needed to complete it. This may include your phone number for communication, driver's license information for verification, and a photo for identification purposes. Additionally, we will share the address of the vehicle and, if applicable, the delivery location with the other party. If you have used the Trip Photo feature, the trip photos and captions may also be shared with the other party. The other party may also send you text messages to confirm pickup or delivery details.

Sharing with Service Providers 

To support the operation of the Services and business, we may share information with vendors and service providers who need access to such information to perform their work. This includes web hosting, analytics, payment processing, email delivery, marketing, insurance, claims administration, and customer support services. Some service providers may collect information directly from you on our behalf, for instance, in the case of hosts who use our photography program, their contact information will be shared with the assigned photographer. The service providers are only allowed to use your personal information as directed or authorized by us.

Sharing with Third-Party Platforms and Social Media Networks 

If you have connected the Services with a third-party platform or social media network, such as by logging in to the Services through your account with the third party, providing access tokens for the Services, or linking your Services account to a third-party's services, we may share the necessary personal information with the third party. This information will be shared to establish the connection or if you have given us permission to do so. We do not have control over how the third party uses your personal information.

Disclosure to Professional Advisors 

We may need to share your personal information with professional advisors, including lawyers, bankers, auditors, and insurers, as part of the professional services they provide to us.

Business transfers

We may disclose your personal information as part of a business transaction, such as a merger, acquisition, reorganization, bankruptcy, or sale of assets, which may include the transfer of some or all of our business or assets, including your personal information.

Disclosure for Legal Requests, Harm Prevention, and Protection of Rights 

We may share your personal information with courts, law enforcement agencies, government agencies, or other third parties as required or permitted by law. This may be necessary to comply with our legal obligations or legal process, respond to claims against us, and maintain security and safety as described above. We may also share your information in response to valid legal requests related to criminal investigations, suspected or alleged illegal activity, or any other activity that could potentially harm AUTOS 4 SHARE, you, or another user. We may also share your information as outlined elsewhere in this Privacy Policy or as specified to you at the time of collection.

Choosing to stop receiving marketing messages 

You can stop receiving marketing emails by following the unsubscribe instructions found at the bottom of these emails. However, you may still receive service-related or other non-marketing emails. If you receive marketing text messages, you can choose to stop receiving further marketing messages by replying with "STOP" or following the instructions provided in the text message.

Updating and correcting personal information 

You have the ability to review, modify, and update personal information that has been provided to us at any time by logging in to your account and accessing your profile and account settings. If you need to access or request a correction of your information, please contact us at To protect your security, we may need to verify your identity before processing your request.

Closing an account 

If you want to close your account and request the deletion of your personal information, you can do so by sending an email to Please be aware that due to various legal requirements, fraud detection and prevention, collecting outstanding fees, resolving disputes, conducting audits, and enforcing our terms of service and policies, we may not be able to delete certain information. This information may still remain in our databases and other records.

Requesting a copy of personal information 

You have the right to access your personal information under applicable laws, and you may request a copy by sending us email. To ensure your security, we may ask for proof of identity or re-authentication before fulfilling your request.

Location data

Users of our mobile app can turn off the app's access to their device's location information through their device settings.

Ways to Limit Interest-Based Advertising 

You have the option to restrict the use of your personal information for interest-based advertising through the following methods:

  1. Disable Cookies in Your Browser - Most browsers allow you to remove or reject cookies, including those used for interest-based advertising. Check your browser's settings for instructions on how to do this. By default, many browsers accept cookies until you change your settings.
  2. Block Advertising ID Use in Your Mobile Settings - You can limit the use of the advertising ID linked to your mobile device for interest-based advertising purposes through your mobile device settings.
  3. Use Privacy Plug-ins or Browsers - You can prevent websites from setting cookies for interest-based ads by using a browser with privacy features like Brave, or by installing browser plugins like Privacy Badger, Ghostery, or uBlock Origin and configuring them to block third-party cookies and trackers. For more information about cookies, visit to see what cookies have been set on your device and learn how to manage and delete them.

Choosing not to provide personal information 

If the law requires us to collect your personal information or if we need the information to provide our services to you, failing to provide it when requested or requesting that it be deleted later may result in our inability to offer you our services. 

Third-party platforms and social media networks 

Connecting our services to a third-party platform or social media network, such as using the third party's authentication to log into your account with us, will allow you to manage your settings through the third-party platform or social media network. Withdrawing access to specific information from a third-party platform or social media network will not change the information we have already received from that third-party source.

Security Measures 

We take a variety of technical, physical, and organizational steps to ensure the safety of your personal information against unauthorized access, destruction, or alteration while it's under our control. However, it's not possible to guarantee complete security in the transmission or storage of information, and we cannot promise complete protection for your personal information.

Cross-border transfer of data 

Our Services are managed and run from Georgia. Your personal information can be stored, processed, and utilized in any location where we have operations or engage service providers. These places may be outside of your home state, country, or province and may have data protection regulations that are different and/or less stringent than those in your home state, country, or province. This means that your personal information may be subject to access requests from governments, law enforcement agencies, security authorities, courts, or regulatory agencies in those locations, as per the laws in those jurisdictions.

Sensitive information

Please do you not send us, and you do not disclose, any sensitive information unless specifically requested.


Our services are not intended for minors under 18 years old, and we do not collect personal information from minors. If a child under 18 has already given us personal information, their parent or guardian may request us to remove it by contacting us.

Third-party privacy policies 

The privacy practices outlined in this Privacy Policy are specific to AUTOS 4 SHARE and the use and handling of information collected by us. We are not responsible for, and this policy does not cover, the privacy practices of any third parties, including those operating any website or service linked to the Services. The addition of a link to a third-party website or service does not imply endorsement by AUTOS 4 SHARE or our affiliates. If you choose to share your information with others or navigate to a third-party website, the privacy policies of those parties will apply.


In case of any discrepancies in the wording of a translated version of this Privacy Policy provided by AUTOS 4 SHARE and the English version, the English version will take precedence.

This Privacy Policy may be subject to change. Please refer to the "Last revised" date at the top of the page to see when it was last updated. Any modifications to this Privacy Policy will take effect once they are posted on the Services or communicated in some other manner. By continuing to use the Services after these changes, you signify your acceptance of the revised Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with the changes, you may reach out to us to close your account.


AUTOS 4 SHARE welcomes your questions and comments about privacy. Please feel free to contact us